Best-Selling TASC Test Prep Book

by critically-Acclaimed Author

TASC For Dummies - Dr. Stuart Donnelly

Best-Selling TASC test Prep Book

Looking to give the high school Equivalency exam all you've got? This book is packed with tons of practical, easy-to follow material to get up to speed on the TASC test. Review all of the test topics and take two full-length practice tests so you can score higher on test day.

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Product Reviews

TASC For Dummies is an essential tool for any student who is planning to take the TASC exam. Consider it your instruction manual for success. Not only does Dr. Donnelly make learning easy by explaining each section of the test in clear, plain English but he also includes lots of real-life examples with easy-to-understand explanations that makes each topic come to life. This excellent prep book also contains 2 full-length practice tests which will help you to get the feel of taking the real exam and focus in on those areas that may require more work.

Everything you need to pass the TASC

Looking to give the high school equivalency exam all you've got? This book is packed with tons of practical, easy-to follow material to get up to speed on the TASC test. Review all the test topics and take two full-length practice tests so you can score higher on test day.


Why take the TASC test?

1. Two full-length practice tests with answers and explanations

2. Reading, writing, and grammar preparation

3. Review basic math, algebra, geometry, and statistics

4. Brush up on social studies and science

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Date: September 8, 2016
Author: Dr. Stuart Donnelly (Ph.D. Oxford University)
  • 5 star review

    "A Must If Your Child Wants to Take the GED.

    This is the ultimate study guide for the GED test. I homeschool most of my children and nearly all are college bound or have already gone off to college but my 17 year old son who is on the autism spectrum (although he is highly functioning) is begging me to let him take the GED test and go into a trade (HVAC to be specific).

    So we called the local technical college that has an HVAC program and asked them if they accept GED students, and they do. So he will take the GED instead of finishing high school courses (some of which he struggles with due to a complete lack of interest) and end up where he wants to go anyway.

    This book is the perfect tool to prepare him. It gives excellent example questions along with answers and explanations. Better yet, he can go online and take practice tests with this book, which is a very helpful tool.

    He is very willing to dig into this book and study and take the practice tests and I have no doubt it will impact his GED scores in a positive way. Highly recommend if you have a child who is insisting on a GED rather than a diploma."

    David L. | Arizona.

  • Sanoe | California
    Sanoe | California
    5 out of 5

    "Excellent Reference."

    I have a family member who will be taking a high school equivalency test so I thought to pick this up for him. What I learned is: Before selecting, make sure that your state has the TASC test. The state that I am in does not but I found that out after I got the book. But that's on me so I ding myself on that. That said, even though he can't take the test in our state, the book is still laid out in a useful way for studying the various subjects (reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies) so he still found it to be a worthwhile read. It was organized, easy to follow and makes a good study reference to read and go through.

  • Justmehere | Indiana
    Justmehere | Indiana
    5 out of 5

    "Fantastic for homeschool."

    This is perfect for what we needed. It covers so many subjects in a succinct, simplified yet informative way. Its very user friendly and perfect for my homeschooled so. This makes me feel like we are even more prepared.

  • Lynrie, WisenHeimer | Texas
    Lynrie, WisenHeimer | Texas
    5 out of 5

    "Learn and Review."

    Tutoring and encouraging adults to get their high school education completed has been a personal endeavor since early days in college. The materials, subject matter and testing have changed over the years. I can remember huge binders for students studying for their GED back in the day. I bought a GED prep book and trialed this one. I like this one more for independent study and review.

    Some folks tend to get overwhelmed by thick books and the computer learning available. This book is divided into sections that help focus the student and learning process. It also can direct focus for those who need brushing up on previously deficient subject areas. I have two folks that need the different approaches to accomplish their goals.

  • MrsMama | New Jersey
    MrsMama | New Jersey
    5 out of 5

    "This book has all that you need."

    This is a big book that covers all the bases. I got this for my homeschooler & it will come in handy for gauging her strengths and weaknesses.

  • Jill E. | West Virginia
    Jill E. | West Virginia
    5 out of 5

    "Great book!""

    Great prep for students and TASC teachers alike. The price can't be beat.

  • Monika Chahal | Wyoming
    Monika Chahal | Wyoming
    5 out of 5

    "Good book!"

    Bought it for a friend.

  • Alicia | Nevada
    Alicia | Nevada
    5 out of 5

    "Four Stars!""

    Tasc book seems to be good for my son.

  • Jordi D. | New York
    Jordi D. | New York
    5 out of 5

    "This review book is a good starting point for students with large gaps in their knowledge."

    I am a TASC coordinator for a local high school. This review book is a good starting point for students with large gaps in their education, as many things are explained well.

  • Ben B. | New Jersey
    Ben B. | New Jersey
    5 out of 5

    "Very good book!"

    It is a very useful book.


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