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The TASC Test Writing contains 50-51 questions and lasts 110 minutes (including 45 minutes for Essay Writing). This test assesses your language skills, in alignment with the Common Core's high school standard of college and career readiness, in two different ways.

Expect to spend around 65 minutes answering 50 questions that assess language skills. These questions will target skills such as: constructing sentences, using grammar correctly, using words correctly, organizing ideas into paragraphs, and connecting ideas.

Then you will have around 50 minutes to write one essay in response to a passage or pair of passages. Students will be given one of two essay prompts: Argumentative or Informational. Students won’t know in advance which prompt they will be given. You will read the passage or passages and then write an essay that either argues for one side of a debate and against the other side or explains something from the passage(s)ons that support your answer to the first question.

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"Dr. Donnelly is a wonderful teacher. He is quick to pinpoint weaknesses and, in many cases, turn them into strengths. He always has a structured lesson plan and pertinent homework assignments and puts aside time in the lesson to go over "trouble problems" from the previous lesson. I highly recommend taking a prep course with him. His patience, humor, and kindheartedness makes an otherwise uncomfortable standardized test almost enjoyable."

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"Dr. Donnelly tutored my son. My son learned a few steps to help him solve the problems faster and correctly. Every lesson helped my son feel confident. My son constantly talks about how Dr. Donnelly has taught him skills that he is able to use in his classes at school. Dr. Donnelly was also very good at being able to work around a person's schedule. I highly recommend him, he is a great tutor. Thank you Dr. Donnelly!"

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"Dr. Donnelly has a real knack for explaining topics in plain English and for making them come alive with real-life examples. I would encourage anyone who needs to get up to speed in their preparation for studies to give Dr. Donnelly a call. You won't regret it!"

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