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The Science section of the HiSET will focus on your ability to analyze and digest natural-sciences information. A blend of the skills needed in the Reading and Math sections, this assessment of qualitative and quantitative comprehension focuses on your ability to parse and digest analyses of scientific investigation and their results. Subjects questions will be drawn from include: physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, health, and astronomy.

The selections are designed to mimic scientific journal reports and will include graphs, tables, and charts to present information and results. These will be designed to include descriptions of hypotheses and testing methods, as well as the data returned and analysis on it. To get a really good score here, you should be able to read the two in tandem and see what kind of model the scientist built to test his hypothesis. Test questions will include being asked to identify research questions of interest, identifying the best design for investigating a specific research question, being able to recognize what kinds of conclusions can be inferred from results, evaluating the adequacy of procedures, and distinguishing between hypotheses, assumptions, and observations. There will be 50 questions in this section — again, all multiple-choice — and you will have 80 minutes to complete them in.

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