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The Social Studies section of the HiSET will focus on your ability to analyze and digest social studies information. Much like the Reading section, this will assess qualitative comprehension of your ability to understand information in social studies works. Selections will be drawn from various fields, including history, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography, and economics. These selections may well take the form not just of primary documents (that is, technical articles) but also posters, cartoons, timelines, maps, graphs, tables, charts, and even reading passages (that is, articles about the technical articles).

The Social Studies section builds on the skills established in the Reading section, asking you how the author of a given work is going about his business and asking you to apply your razor-separating fact from fiction. You will be asked to separate factual information from opinions about the limitations of procedures and methods — does the method employed in the selection allow the author to say what he claims to say? — judge how reliable a given source is and which sources might be more reliable than others, ascertain how valid inferences and conclusions are, and finally, whether or not the information presented is adequate for drawing any conclusions, much fewer ones the author might claim.

There will be 50 questions in this section — all multiple-choice — and you’ll have 70 minutes to do them.

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